Lead Generation Machine

A reliable and effective B2B appointment taking service.


Stop telemarketing B2B ineffectively

In the market you can find many telemarketing operators acting on cold leads, instead we offer a decidedly innovative and performant approach.

Thanks to our software we are able to discover the companies that visit your site. So our telemarketing action will be aimed at hot leads that are interested and perfectly targeted.

In terms of results, this means increasing the conversion rate to appointments by 30%.

The advantage will be clear: get quality appointments and increase sales.

  Analyze the companies that visit you

We create a list of companies that have visited your site and filter them by how interesting they are to your business.

  Choose the leads to contact

Choose which and how many companies to call based on the ones on the list.

  Profiling selected companies

We carry out an accurate search to obtain all contact information, such as the name and surname of the contact person, company emails and direct numbers, thus avoiding the switchboard filter.


  Business Appointment Service

Our telemarketing service makes a first contact for you with elegance and professionalism by sending emails where necessary and we make a physical or virtual appointment, if the customer meets your requirements.


What we will do to get you customers

The Lead Generation Machine process:

Step One: 

Analysis of the customer’s business to identify:

– Ideal customer and target companies
– Company interlocutor to propose the product or service
– Product positioning and unique selling proposition (how my offer differs)

Step two:

Choosing the hottest leads from the companies that visited the site and the nominal contacts acquired

Step three:

Identification of the company interlocutor (s) to present the service to

Step four:

Identification of personal references (email address/telephone number) for the identified interlocutors

Step five:

Telephone presentation of the company and the service, personalised on the concrete interest shown by the lead

Step six:

Detailed reporting on the interest shown by the lead and any follow-up made


Included in package prices:

• search for the registry list based on the target and the geographical area requested;
• calls to leads defined with the customer up to the lead concluded with justified feedback;
• possible sending of emails with access to your mailbox;
• sending daily diary update;
• confirming appointment the PREVIOUS DAY;
• sending, at the end of the campaign, profiled lists with company data and contact details of the target audience

Each confirmed and actual appointment has a cost of €150 each.

In addition to the costs per company contacted, it is necessary to consider a campaign management cost equal to 10% of the total value.

Our telemarketing service is aimed at corporate users

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