Lead Champion Customer Generator

The solution that attracts ideal customers for your business
by analysing their behaviour with artificial intelligence


Lead Generation is now in the hands of digital intermediaries

Today it is imperative for companies to equip themselves with tools to reduce the acquisition costs of professional customers and to establish a direct and personalised relationship with them.

Thanks to Customer Generator, each company is able to increase its sales performance by taking advantage of the widest database available on companies.


Discover the value of each Lead

Customer Generator helps your business strategically apply the logic of the Lead Generation funnel. It allows you to precisely identify your target audience thanks to firmographic and business intelligence data.

Subsequently, it allows you to create dynamic and personalized communications with respect to the user’s interest until you finalize the acquisition of leads with high economic value.

The stages of Lead Champion
Customer Generator:

1. Locate

Choose your target audience by combining information from marketing and sales.


2. Discover

Retrieve firmographic data from your ideal customers – company size, location, industry, market position and annual revenues – as well as strategic factors such as market influence, likelihood of repeat purchases and expected profit margin.

3. Save

Automatically loads profiled leads and relevant information into the CDP. Fill out notes and tags on Lead profiles; reuse this information later to boost your business.

4. Interact

Attract your potential customers and engage with them by generating Qualified Leads. View the profiles of your potential customers, identify their skills, track their activities and send personalised messages automatically.

5. Engage

Create targeted content for each of your leads, dedicated to the specific offers you want to promote. It combines the effects of two strategic approaches:
– Account-Based Marketing (ABM), to communicate in a personalised way with each company actor.
– Inbound Marketing, to generate new leads offering relevant and quality content.

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6. Measure

Each marketing activity must produce measurable results. Thanks to Neosperience Customer Generator you can always know the conversion rate of your activities, the increase in the number of Leads over time and their economic value.