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Lead Champion allows you to attract new potential customers by leveraging traffic on your site, suitable for your business and of high quality.


With Lead Champion discover we can discover the specific interest of the company based on the articles or pages of our site that have been consulted. This makes the first contact phase extremely easy thanks to a personalised approach.

Goals achieved:

  • Lead Generation

  • Personalization

  • Analytics

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It is good for your business, it allows you to keep the site updated and refined and, not insignificantly, you can offer a meaningful customer experience to your new contacts by anticipating their wishes!

Goals achieved:

  • Lead Generation

  • Marketing automation

  • Customers Retention



We have because it provided us with up-to-date and complete tracking information for all of our sites and in full compliance with privacy rules. The information obtained through the discovery monitoring action is now available to all company functions, thanks to integration with Pivotal. Simply install a PlugIn on WordPress. We have customized the various scores according to our goals and targets.

Goals achieved:

  • Lead Generation

  • Business Intelligence

  • Lead Scoring


Lead Champion discover allows us to speed up and simplify an important part of our new business process, related to verifying the results of our content and direct marketing actions. We have been able to better calibrate the communication with prospects, thanks to the fact that we can discover in a few seconds which topics they have researched and which they have deepened in a particular way.

Goals achieved:

  • ROI Analysis

  • Dynamic Content

  • Business Intelligence



Lead champion discover allows us to understand by whom, how and when the company site is consulted. This allows us to improve our site to make it more and more targeted to companies that we want to like and be useful. No less important to us is the monitoring of competitors, which allows us to verify what companies observe and study most about our range.

Goals achieved:

  • Lead Generation

  • Marketing Automation

  • Competitor Analysis



Lead Champion discover has changed our approach to sales by helping us provide the sales department with new leads that are always really interested in our offer.
In less than 2 months we had an excellent return on investment, closing contracts with customers with whom we could never come into contact.

Goals achieved:

  • Lead Generation

  • Account Based Marketing

  • Analytic


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Whether your goal is to find out what your competitors are doing on the website, get new leads interested in your offer every day or analyze the quality of your web traffic, Lead Champion is the right solution for you!
If you want to know more, contact us via chat, through our form or read our guide that explains what lead generation is in detail!

Do you want to find new customers in lead generation? If you want to know more you can contact us via chat or through the contact form or read our guide that explains what lead generation is in detail!