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Partnership Program

Help your customers generate new leads
from anonymous traffic to their websites!

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If you are a consultant and/or web agency, enter
to be part of the Lead Champion partner network
and discover the potential of an integrated method
for the lead generation of your customers.

Help them find out who visits their websites
and to acquire quality leads through
innovative solutions based on artificial intelligence.

The technology

With the lead generation marketing tool Lead Champion discover you get leads in an innovative way because you discover
new B2B customers among the companies that visit your website: even before a contact form is filled out!

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Il funzionamento

Lead Champion fornisce al marketing conoscenza approfondita dei visitatori
e clienti per permettere di intraprendere la giusta azione al momento giusto.

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Anonymous Tracking
Lead Champion is the platform that, through an anonymous tracking technology based on the IP address, allows you to discover which companies visit your website, analyzing the anonymous traffic of your site. Even if you have not filled out
a contact form.
Lead Champion is a GDPR Compliant tool that works even without the use of cookies: you will find out who visits your site regardless of the selection of cookies of your users, respecting their privacy.

The benefits of being a partner

Create opportunities for your business and give more value to those of your customers.

IP Tracking lead champion
Stand out from other agencies with an innovative proposal through th eonly application of italian IP tracking
lead champion
the effectiveness
of your actions
marketing through recognized leads
from the Lead Champion discover.
opportunità commerciali

Increase the value perceived by the customer with a service that directly provides
the business with new business opportunities.

fee lead champion
Increase your revenue with Lead Champion fees.

The operation

Lead Champion provides marketing with in-depth knowledge of visitors and customers
to enable them to take the right action at the right time.

Recognition through IP address

This allows you to get to know potential
customers before your competitors.

Tracking user behavior

Create personalized communications based
on the interest they have expressed on the site.

Assign each lead a score

Discover the visitors closest to your ideal
customers: they are your next customers.

Lead Alert

This allows you to get to know potential
customers before your competitors.

Unique benefits

Thanks to innovative technologies and the use of artificial intelligence, the Lead Champion
platform allows you to achieve successful results quickly and easily.

Improves ROI

Improve your ROI by finding new customers on your web traffic.

Attract new interested leads

Find new potential customers by leveraging traffic to your site.

Identify the best customers

Acquire leads that are suitable for your business and of high quality.

Why be partner a partner?

In addition to your activities, you can support your B2B customers to increase their acquired leads.
Lead Champion goes hand in hand with your inbound marketing strategies giving even more value to the work you have done.

We recognize the value of your work

Create opportunities for you or your clients. The partnership program provides a fee to your partners. You can decide what to do with your FEES: you can upsell of your services or otherwise offer the Lead Champion solution at an exclusive price to your clients.

fees partnership program

Riconosciamo il valore del tuo lavoro

Crea opportunità per te o per i tuoi clienti. Il partnership program prevede il riconoscimento di una fee ai propri partner.
Puoi decidere tu cosa farne della tua
FEES: puoi fare upselling
dei tuoi servizi o altrimenti offrire la soluzione di Lead Champion ad un prezzo esclusivo per i tuoi clienti.

integrazione crm lead champion
integrazione crm lead champion
We are different pieces of a puzzle
that comes together
Both Lead Champion discover and Lead Champion booster can be integrated with the main CRMs and with others, through Zapier. This allows you to create a marketing and commercial machine, able to collect the most important information and facilitate the work of your customers. Lead Champion, in fact, can provide the main information of a commercial and behavioral nature of the companies that visit their site to the CRM, so as to monitor every possible commercial opportunity.

How will we work together?

We train you and will follow you “wherever you go”.
Consider our 6 points as the guidelines for this long journey together.

1. Let's get to know each other

Complete the registration form and we’ll be happy to connect with you to start generating more valuable leads with your customers.

2. Demo platform

We explore together the features of the platform
by navigating the interface and analyzing the needs
of your customer.

3. Free trial

Because it is important to test and try on your own skin, to verify its compatibility and effectiveness. After the demo, you can activate a free 7-day trial without commitments, which will take a few minutes to enter the script and lead generation begins!

4. Training on the platform

We will provide you with the knowledge and skills
you need to make the best use of our platform
and generate high-quality leads.

5. Commercial training

We support you in your professional growth
by helping you achieve your business goals.

6. Continuous support

We will always be by your side, to support you
in using the platform and to answer your questions.

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