Discover new customers with your website

Lead Champion allows you to attract new potential customers and see which companies visit your website. You will find out which aspects of your offer attract interest of visitors, and you will acquire high quality leads in target and suitable for your business.

Lead Generation revolutionary products and solutions

Attract new Leads

Always new leads, truly interested in your offer on the website.

Improve ROI

Leverage anonymous traffic to create new customers directly from your website.

Immediate data

Contact potential customers as soon as they are interested in your offer.

Optimize sales

Deliver a more meaningful customer experience for your customers.

Get in touch with new customers

With Lead Champion discover you get leads in an innovative way because you discover new customers among the companies that visit your website: even before a contact form is filled out!

Collect even more Leads

With Lead Champion booster you leverage artificial intelligence to increase the number of contacts generated by your site through pop-up forms based on visitor behavior.


“Over 90% of satisfied and loyal customers.”

Alessandro Ponte

CEO of ADChange


“More than 1000 customers
in Italy and world”

Daniele Biolatti

Digital Marketing Manager Lead Champion


“The most complete italian company recognition database”

Alessandro Ponte

CEO of ADChange


Companies with new customers thanks to Lead Champion

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Integration tools and products

For CEO, Sales Account and
Marketing Manager

Whether your goal is to find out what your competitors are doing on the website, get new leads interested in your offer every day or analyze the quality of your web traffic, Lead Champion is the right solution for you!
If you want to know more, contact us via chat, through our form or read our guide that explains what lead generation is in detail!

Do you want to find new customers in lead generation? If you want to know more you can contact us via chat or through the contact form or read our guide that explains what lead generation is in detail!